Bright Beam Digital wants to thank all of the MSPs who made ChannelNext East such a great event. We appreciate the time that they took to talk about their business, their challenges and opportunities and learn about Bright Beam’s Social Media Marketing services offerings for the IT Channel.
We hope you had a chance to see our workshop presentation but if not, we talked about how you can make Social Media work for your business to boost exposure, showcase your expertise, improve SEO, increase stickiness with clients and even help out with HR. We have also included the presentation link below in SlideShare.
Social Media is a great addition to a business’s Sales and Marketing toolkit. We recommended 5 steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy:
1. Setting your goals and objective: It’s important to understand what you want to get out of Social Media. What is success for you? More followers? More conversations? More likes or shares? More sales? All of this will dictate your approach. But it’s also important to understand your goals for your business? Do you want to go deeper with existing clients? Expand into a new geo? Move your break-fix clients to Managed Services? Sell more BDR solutions? These goals that you establish will in turn help frame your next steps.
2. Determine who your target audience for your campaigns: Once your goals and objectives are set, who do you target? Maybe you want to sell more of your services to your existing client base. So what does targeting your existing clients look like? Perhaps, you want new customers. Who are they? Is there a specific vertical they are in and product or service that resonates with them?
3. Build up your social media presence and focus on where you see success: Even if you are online, make sure text and images are optimized for each site. You want your business to look professional and approachable. Make sure images are sized appropriately for each site. Write an about section that is optimized, meaning describe your business in a way that can better help your business get found online.
4. What’s your one thing? Many MSPs offer a wide range of services but some really excel with specific verticals, pitching a specific service, or dealing with C level execs. If you have a forte, work with it. Build that into your goals and objectives.
5. Measure your success: What’s success without metrics? How do you determine whether your efforts have made an impact? You want to make sure that you revisit your goals and objectives. There are great tools out there you can use to measure. What you need to know is that you need to adapt, tweak your messaging, change it up on the fly, be flexible and be ready scale it for your business.
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