– Abine, the online privacy company, announced its flagship Blur solution for protecting consumers passwords, payments, and privacy is available in Apple's App Store and takes advantage of new Apple features including Touch ID, extensions, and push notifications to send text alerts for spending similar to Apple Pay. iPhone and iPad owners can now choose what personal info to share online wherever they shop, register, or surf.

Based on a new survey conducted with over 1,000 consumers there is strong demand for having passwords and payments data accessible from mobile devices – including the new Apple Watch, which Blur will support in an upcoming release. Among the survey's findings:

62% of consumers use their mobile browser as much or more than mobile Apps
63% re-use a common password to login to their mobile Apps today
81% would find a password manager to be a useful or very useful Apple Watch App
For the Apple Watch, consumers cited the convenience of always having it on their wrist to look up passwords to login on their iPhone or iPad
Drawbacks mentioned included watches being easily stolen and the small screen size
More survey results: press@getabine.com
The new Blur iOS 8 App features include:

Private phone #'s, virtual (masked) credit cards, and disposable email addresses
Automatic sync of logins and passwords with Safari and other iOS devices
Apple Pay-style security for e-commerce purchases using one-time "Masked" credit card numbers that cannot be re-used if stolen in cyber-attack data breaches.