Network World Magazine issued the results of a
head-to-head comparison of the industry’s leading IP Address Management
solutions. Included in that review were BlueCat Networks’ Proteus and Adonis,
Alcatel-Lucent’s VitalQIP, BT DiamondIP’s IPControl, and Crypton Computers’
EasyIP. For the test, the magazine defined IP Address Management as:

— Managing the tasks included with maintaining a list of active and
available IP addresses for each subnet of the test enterprise network;

— The data which characterizes the addresses;

— Management of the services necessary to make the names and IP
addresses usable on the network; and

— All access control and user roles for individuals who would need to
use the system.

In a very close contest, BlueCat Networks’ Proteus and Adonis solutions
edged out the competition and were given solid marks for ease-of-use, simple
licensing and their ability to scale – specifically, the ability to scale
down. Additionally, Network World praised the Adonis solution as an
inexpensive package for DHCP/DNS needs not offered by other vendors, as well
as Proteus’ ability to set up multiple configurations.

“We are thrilled with the results of the review,” said Michael Hyatt, CEO
and co-founder, BlueCat Networks. “What is extraordinary to us is the fact
that we went head-to-head with solutions that have been in the IP address
management business for more than a decade and came out on top. Network World
is widely recognized as a top industry publication and to receive such a
positive review of our products is quite an honor.”

Network World organized the issues surrounding IPAM into four groups: IP
address data import and export, feature set, scalability, service and support.
The publication noted, “If you are looking to control your recurring costs and
you would like to have your IPAM system automate all management and service
configuration issues, we’d advise you to choose BlueCat. It is an
appliance-based system that charges by the unit instead of by the number of
managed IP addresses. It has an easy-to-use interface and the company’s
professional services personnel are very knowledgeable.”

“This award further validates the IPAM space and our place atop it,”
added Mr. Hyatt. “Our customers have told us for some time that our Proteus
IPAM platform was setting new standards for IP management ease-of-use and
functionality, so it’s great to see that reputable publications like Network
World confirm this perception.”

Earlier this year, BlueCat Networks was also named by Deloitte as one of
the fastest-growing technology companies with an 18th place ranking. In
addition, Security Info Product Guide named the company as a finalist for its
2008 Hot Companies award.