Blockade Systems Corp. today announced the release of its Identity Management process assessment customer tool (IMpact). IMpact is a feature-rich analysis tool that provides highly customizable and granular analysis, identifying savings associated with the implementation of Blockade‚s Identity Management Suite, ManageID. The analysis, which is based on parameters provided by the customer such as policies, processes, infrastructure, and implementation, is specific to their unique environment. Impact identifies associated ManageID implementation savings and facilitates the customer‚s financial and business justification process.

Blockade’s IMpact can also work with Blockade‚s Manage ID Suite to calculate the savings for every major ManageID function that can be implemented including: automation, delegated administration, life-cycle processing, workflow, audit logging and monitoring. Utilizing a five-stage process to deliver savings results mapped to the key functions, IMpact provides a clear, chartable savings report.

“Our experience with customers being able to justify the expenditure of an identity and access management tool are actually quite good,” said Roberta Witty, Research Director, Information Security and Risk, Gartner. “Conservatively, we estimate that enterprises can achieve a 300% return on investment over three years.”

To view the detailed multi-media presentation featuring Roberta Witty entitled “Identity and Access Management TCO and ROI”, along with a Blockade presentation (including a case study) highlighting the use of IMpact, entitled Identity Management: A Strong Case for Operational Efficiency, go to

“IMpact avoids a Œone size fits all‚ measure of benefits and savings associated with automating identity management and provisioning processes. By allowing customers to forecast and then audit cost savings attributed to implementing specific ManageID processes and features within their unique enterprise and IT infrastructure, ensures a more realistic approach to justifying Identity Management expenditures”, says Joe Moosa, CEO, Blockade Systems Corp. “ManageID meets the highest standards of quality in the industry for security, reliability and scalability, and IMpact illustrates exactly how ManageID can lower your operating expenses and Total Cost of Ownership.”

To download the white paper on Blockade‚s IMpact or to request an IMpact assessment, go to