One of the key features due in Vista Office is RSS web feeds integrated with Outlook and the browser.

A small start-up, inclue! offers this feature now. inclue! lets people download and try its RSS web feed reader for Outlook. It has one button. It works with the web and Outlook seamlessly. inclue! is available from select publishers and blog sites.

The application allows for viewing popular video feeds using YouTube, Google Video Alpha RSS and other Flash based video distribution blogs and web feeds.

Using inclue! people can enter a search term into Google News and get updated any time news is released and picked up by Google News. inclue! works with Stock Symbols and Yahoo! eBay junkies get updated on new auctions, based on keywords.

inclue! works with Internet Explorer and FireFox. The release comes in advance of the release of the new release of Microsoft Office. inclue! is here today and free.