website, One Green Balloon, turns an overabundance of
birthday gifts into a charitable giving opportunity.

This one of a
kind site puts a twist on tradition parties and gift giving. Instead
of the conventional birthday party where one would shop for and
bring a wrapped gift with a greeting card, guests simply RSVP
to an emailed invitation and give a gift online. These secure
online contributions are accumulated and subsequently divided
between a worthy charity and the purchase of a special gift or
the entire gift can be donated to a chosen charity.

“There is so much waste in our society. Everything has to come
wrapped and packaged, and there is so much pressure to get
the best gift or make the best impression,” remarks Jodie
Gilbert, founder of One Green Balloon. “By sharing your birthday
with those less fortunate, you will experience that it truly is as
good to give as to receive, and your guests will thank you, as
this is the easiest, most satisfying gift that they will ever give.”

One Green Balloon focuses on simplicity. All communication is
paperless. One Green Balloon eliminates the waste of
invitations, stamps, thank you cards, wrapping paper,
packaging, greeting cards and fuel consumption. One Green
Balloon provides a one-stop party planning tool which provides
party invitations, a guest registry, RSVP tracker and thank you