Billings 3 offers major new features that complement its “five minutes to your first professional invoice” promise.

Key features in Billings 3 include:

A streamlined and polished interface. Following in the footsteps of the award-winning Billings 2.5, Billings 3 steps forward with a clean and modern interface. Convenient features such as client groups and the chronological accounts view with inline preview help to streamline day-to-day workflow.

30 professionally designed templates. In any business, a polished image is important. Billings 3 comes with over 30 professional templates (18 new) enabling users to send high quality PDF invoices, estimates and statements in just a few clicks.

Instant overdue invoice notification. Getting paid promptly is a top priority for any business owner. Billings 3 immediately notifies users of overdue invoices with a red icon next to the client’s name. Users can then click on the overdue amount to send an instant overdue invoice statement as a gentle reminder.

Consolidated and recurring invoices. Invoicing has to be flexible to meet various client needs. With Billings 3, users can consolidate and send invoices for multiple projects or send recurring invoices. Invoice items can be easily re-arranged and users can choose to send Pro Forma invoices for approval prior to sending the final invoice.

Easy tracking of time and expenses. Billings 3 lets users easily track time using a convenient menu-bar timer available from any application. Additionally, users can start and stop the timer using global hot-keys. Each time entry can be annotated using a convenient button on the floating timers window.

30 business reports. Reports are critical to accessing the health of a business and Billings 3 has 30 of them (17 new). Convenient reports such as “billed and collected”, “unpaid invoices”, “expenses tax report”, “retainer balances”, “activity by client” and more are just a click or two away.

“Marketcircle’s challenge with Billings 3 was to create a new product that would surpass the popularity of Billings 2.5. In 2007, Billings won Macworld Magazine’s Editors’ Choice (Eddy) award and MacUser’s Best Business Software of the Year award,” says Alykhan Jetha, Marketcircle CEO. “Our customers have made Billings a tremendous success. With Billings 3, we’ve improved upon our time tracking and invoicing experience in countless ways to make this version even better.”

Billings 3 is available immediately from Marketcircle and requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger), 10.5.3 (Leopard) or higher.

Billings 3 is a US $35 upgrade for Billings 2.x users and sells for US $59 ([ ] Please note: Billings 2.x purchased between 1 August and 17 September 2008 can be upgraded to Billings 3 at no charge. A free 21-day trial is offered at [ ]