Big Fish, the world's largest producer of casual games, is bringing Big Blue Bubble's musical mobile social/world-building game sensation " My Singing Monsters" to the PC. This free-to-play game has attracted millions to its adorable singing creatures, fun resource and sim gameplay, and expandable worlds.  Now PC users can see what all of this singing is about by going to

As with most world-building games, the object of  "My Singing Monsters" is to create the best and most entertaining world, in this case the best harmonizing singing monsters.  You start out with a pretty rough space to work in, and just a few basic monsters.  Your first little friend is a Noggin, he looks like a rock with big caveman hands and feet, and cute green eyes.  Every type of monster has a description that tells you a bit about them, what they're like, what kind of music they sing, and so on. Once you've hatched your Noggin, he begins to bounce up and down a little, playing the top of his head with his hands like a drum, providing the baseline for your monster song. Then you start adding to your monster choir — a white fuzzy creature, a Mammott that looks like a Yeti, sings bass; a blue creature with many toes called Toe Jammer jumps in to harmonize, and a pink blob creature that is all mouth and tongue hits the higher notes.  Each monster sings their own unique song, so the more monsters you have, the better your monster choir sounds.

"Our PC customers will be ecstatic!  'My Singing Monsters' is a perfect game for them. Big Blue Bubble has created an amazingly fun, cute and addictive game.  Not only do you want to keep playing, but the tunes the monsters make stay in your head and make you smile." said Jina Heverley, Vice President and General Manager of Global Distribution."

"'My Singing Monsters' is the perfect compliment to the games that Big Fish has to offer.  We are excited to be bringing it to the Big Fish audience, which we know will have hours of fun making their monsters sing," said Bryan Davis, Director of Business Development at Big Blue Bubble.

Along the way, you need to reach game goals, such as building structures to increase the happiness factor of your creatures, breeding and hatching monsters, building bakeries to feed your monsters or removing items on the island, such as rocks and trees, to make more room for your monsters.   Completing these goals earns you in-game currency, which you can then use to buy items, such as speeding up the hatching of your monster, from the virtual store.

As you get further along in levels, you can also breed your little monsters to make new monsters.  Each monster has a specific element.  For example, a Mammott has a snow element, and a Toe Jammer monster has a water element.  Breeding them together results in Maw, a pink eyeless fluffball with a great big mouth, and long tongue. As you get more and more monsters, you can breed them in increasingly complicated combinations, to come up with tons of different spawn.  It is a good thing you can buy more islands with your in-game currency, because with all the spawning your island can fill up quickly.

"My Singing Monsters" is free to download and play on the PC at