Adeptol and BidCenter Online, an online plan room solution, today announced the successful integration of the Adeptol Document Viewer and replacement of an older viewing solution.

BidCenter Online is a web portal for repro-graphics and construction industries to post specifications on printing jobs for soliciting bids. The site makes it easy for companies to quickly send and update specifications and detailed engineering drawings to bidders and suppliers. It also provides a platform for clients to post questions and responses.

“With our new version of Bidcenter Online Planroom, we needed a viewer that could handle complex drawings and Microsoft Office documents with ability to control document printing and download. The older viewing technology was slow and needed updating. Adeptol provided a full solution with absolute security around documents, high redundancy and faster document loading & viewing experience for users” said James Campbell, Founder BidCenter Online. “We had been using another vendor viewing product, but looking at Adeptol product, it’s feature set and quick ROI made this an instant choice for us. Adeptol document viewer and rights management could do all that we were currently doing and much more. Our clients no longer need to wait for slow load times as required by previous viewer” further added James Campbell.

Adeptol document viewer enables high-fidelity viewing of over 300 document formats, with a faster loading time and better user experience. In addition to these features, Adeptol Digital Rights Management works with the document viewer and not only allows protection of the sensitive information in documents from being printed by end users but also restricts the users from saving or copying the documents itself.

“Adeptol technology is gaining a lot of traction in market and lot of companies offering Software as a Service applications are standardizing on Adeptol technology for faster & secure document viewing. By adding Adeptol technologies and digital rights management. to their applications, organizations can provide secure viewing experience to their users without the need of any downloads or client software, offering a complete solution with minimal cost and complexity,” said Prateek Kathpal, CEO, Adeptol.