• This year's Tech it Away recycling events collected 37,000 lbs of electronic products for safe recycling
  • More than 1 million lbs of e-waste have been collected so far this year through Best Buy's ongoing recycling programs
  • Most popular items brought in for recycling include computers, TV monitors and accessories

Best Buy's fifth year of Tech it Away Recycling events were hugely successful collecting 37,000 lbs of electronics from Canadian homes for safe and responsible recycling. This year's events took place at six Best Buy stores in Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Quebec City and offered everyone who dropped off electronics the chance to win a $500 Best Buy gift card.

Winnipeg stores collected the most products at more than 23,000 lbs! A few of the noteworthy items collected include a VHS VCR TV combo a 4" portable TV and older model cellphones with antennaes.

The items collected this year through the Tech it Away events include:

  • 20,500 lbs of computers and TV monitors
  • 4,200 lbs of computing devices and laptops
  • 12,300 lbs of peripherals and accessories, which include keyboards, printers and modems

Best Buy stores across Canada are expanding the electronics recycling program year-round through the Return To Retail Program. Customers are now able to bring in their electronic waste no matter where it was purchased to any store in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec at any time during the year for safe and free recycling.* This year, Best Buy has diverted more than 1 million lbs of e-waste from landfills in our communities through ongoing recycling programs.