Today, talented young professionals have a myriad of worldwide opportunities at their disposal in terms of where to live and work. In order to highlight Berlin's leading position among global cities and regions competing for the best minds, the German capital has created an online portal aimed directly at professionals and managers from at home and abroad. The goal of the portal is to make it even easier for young talent to get off to a great start in Berlin.

Interested young professionals are invited to visit where they will find numerous job options as well as information on how to have a successful start in Berlin. For example, the portal contains answers to the following questions: What is it like to live in Berlin? How exactly does the job market work there? How do I apply for a job? Which jobs require official recognition of my degree and/or qualifications? Is it possible to acquire a spot for my child at a local kindergarten? The portal also has checklists for moving to Berlin, information on residency and work permits, and much more.

A particular highlight of the portal is the inclusion of a social media hub as an interactive tool. In other words, in addition to providing information, the portal also creates an online community by means of intensive social media integration. For example, the platform can be used to ask questions and get answers live – from Berliners who want to share their experiences but also from Berlin-based companies using the platform to establish first contact to potential employees.

The portal is a joint initiative of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research.

Berlin Partner for Business and Technology showcases the diversity of the Berlin labor market as part of a number of workshops and lectures at leading international tradeshows and congresses. On September 5-7, 2014 we will attend the 14th GAIN Annual Conference in Boston. Berlin Partner will provide information and consulting on career opportunities for scientists at medium-sized companies in Berlin.