In a creative solution to
the age-old dilemma of disc compatibility versus burning quality, BenQ Canada
has introduced yet another proprietary, groundbreaking technology to the
Canadian market. Called SolidBurn, this revolutionary new technology ensures
optimal writing conditions for any recordable DVD +/- media. SolidBurn allows
enhanced over-speed burning 4x or 8x DVD +/-R media at 8x or higher speeds.

“BenQ consistently strives to develop the most innovative and advanced
technologies to push the performance boundaries of our products. SolidBurn
Technology is another example of our inability to accept anything less than
perfection,” said Jimmy Davlouros, Executive Vice President of BenQ North
America. “It is a highly-sophisticated self-learning tool that makes it
possible to do what could not be done before: superior-quality DVD rewriting.
By completely eliminating the tedious task of constant media upgrades, we allow
users to create first-class material no matter what systems or media they use.”

Optimal writing strategy for a DVD drive is dependent on the specific
characteristics of the disk being used, necessitating the frequent updating of
the media support table to include new media. Before BenQ’s proprietary
SolidBurn Technology, a less optimal “standard” writing strategy was used when
a drive tried to write to any unknown DVD media, often resulting in lower
recording speeds and inferior recording quality.

BenQ SolidBurn Technology uses a high-level self-learning writing strategy
algorithm that eliminates the need for frequent firmware downloads. SolidBurn
executes a series of tests that determine the optimal writing strategy for DVD
media of “unknown” quality, eliminating the need for users to constantly update
the media support list in their DVD drive, as the drive itself ensures it uses
the best writing quality on all DVD media.

SolidBurn Technology also allows enhanced over-speed burning quality. Utilizing
the latest BenQ QSuite 2.0 tool, users can choose to activate or deactivate the
drive’s over-speed burning function at their discretion.

“Research and development is one of BenQ’s top priorities, and it shows in the
products and technology that we create,” Davlouros continued. “Just as our
advanced Senseye Technology revolutionized the way consumers watched
television, SolidBurn will turn current DVD Rewriting capabilities on its head.
We are absolutely thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking technology to

BenQ’s SolidBurn Technology is currently embedded in the DW1640 and EW164B DVD