Consumers tired of the
frequent firmware updates needed to maintain DVD media drives need look no
further. The latest in BenQ’s line of DVD Rewriters offers a brand new
solution. Embedded with the revolutionary SolidBurn Technology recently
developed by BenQ, the DW1640 applies a self-learning algorithm that allows
unknown DVD +/- media to be written with superior quality.

“Once again BenQ forges ahead of the pack with innovative technology and
premium-quality products,” said Jimmy Davlouros, Executive Vice President of
BenQ North America. “We paved the way with our LightScribe Technology, pushed
the envelope with our proprietary Senseye Technology, and now we’ve tipped the
scales with SolidBurn. We have virtually eliminated the standard inferior
recording quality of the past and have replaced it with a highly-sophisticated
self-learning tool that will change the way consumers use DVD media.”

Using the innovative SolidBurn Technology, the DW1640 executes a series of
tests that determine the optimal writing strategy for DVD media of “unknown”
quality, while also allowing enhanced over-speed burning quality. Users can
utilize the latest BenQ QSuite 2.0 tool to activate or deactivate the drive’s
over-speed burning function at their discretion.

The DW1640 also sports Write Right Technology, which maintains perfect control
over the laser beam angle and the power rate being projected onto the disc,
ensuring data is written at the best possible quality. An all-in-one media
solution, the DW1640 offers an increased storage capacity of 8.5GB per disc or
up to 4 hours for DVD quality video, playable on most DVD players and computer
CD/DVD drives.