Movie buffs and television fans have another reason to cheer, as BenQ Canada
recently introduced the DV3750, a 37-inch wide-screen home theatre LCD display
into the Canadian market. The product features a 8ms response time and a
wealth of technological advancements that provide more true-to-life visuals and
crisper, enhanced sound.

“The DV3750 offers the ultimate home theatre experience, with its highly
developed, technologically advanced digital system,” said Jimmy Davlouros,
Executive Vice President for BenQ North America. “Images are so lifelike on
screen, viewers practically want to reach out and grab them. We’re providing
consumers more than just a home theatre; we’re offering a mind-blowing

The DV3750 features BenQ’s proprietary Senseye digital-enhancement technology,
an exclusive image processing system integrating high-definition digital
imaging and image calibration technology. Senseye purges noise from image
signals, restoring true colours, accurately displaying image details, and
enhances picture contrast and depth. The result is a screen image that
achieves a full three-dimensional sense and convincing realism.

In addition to providing superb image quality, the DV3750 is equipped with SRS
TruSurround XT, which generates deeper audio imaging. SRS TruSurround XT
features a 5.1-channel surround sound and patterned cinema-like bass resonance
technology to provide more realistic sounds and richer bass tones. The SRS
TruSurround XT allows the dialogue voice to be centralized, making it easier
for sounds to be heard.

The DV3750 also provides a Directional Correlational Deinterlacing (DCDi) video
chipset designed and produced by Faroudja, a leader in innovative,
high-performance video processing technologies. The DCDi yields smoother and
more natural moving images by analyzing images pixel by pixel, producing a pure
image without visible artefacts or jagged edges.

With a super-fast 8ms display response time – faster than most other 37-inch
models currently on the market – the DV3750 allows viewers to enjoy smoother
transitions without still image retention or delays in motion. Response time
is the screen’s signal reaction speed – the time required for the screen to
turn from completely white to completely black and vice versa. Most LCD TVs
currently available feature a 15:9 ratio, however the DV3750 sports a 16:9
golden ratio, guaranteeing zero distortion and a visual effect that looks more
natural to the human eye.

“The DV3750 is not only an incredible product, it’s an incredibly beautiful
product. This is one stylish machine, and we are absolutely thrilled to
introduce it in Canada,” Davlouros added.

The DV3750 retails for CDN$3499.99