Wyse Meter Solutions will be working with Bell Mobility to provide multi-residential building owners a simplified way of allocating and managing energy costs associated with Wireless Antenna Sites on building roof-tops. Using state-of-the-art meters and software, Wyse will provide building owners with transparency on energy consumption costs arising from antenna sites. The initial pilot program will involve 18 apartment buildings hosting Bell Mobility antenna locations.

"When we first started working on this project we were surprised to learn how large a power draw these antennas actually have," says Leah Werry, Director of Sales for Wyse. "As electricity costs rise, building owners and managers are challenged by the daunting task of accounting for every dollar spent on energy. Monitoring and allocating costs related to communications towers is a necessity."

"Bell Mobility will be offering an expense management solution that is widely used across the United States by Wyse's American submetering partner, Conservice.  Thousands of buildings across Canada have cell towers on their roofs and getting accurate, simple and timely information on their energy consumption is important for owners, building managers and residents," added Peter Mills, Co-CEO of Wyse.

"Bell understands the paramount importance of transparency and accuracy in billing information. We believe that Wyse's system will address the concerns of multi-residential buildings and make it easier for them to monitor and allocate energy costs related to our roof-top antenna sites.  The program will also help in controlling operating costs," said Colin Lavery, Bell Canada.