Bell announced its
state-of-the-art Bell Web Solutions (BWS) usability lab in Toronto which shows
businesses exactly how their customers will respond to websites and mobile
applications, allowing Bell clients to refine their products to enhance the
user experience and get the business results they want.

“We track eye movements and use emotional response recorders to identify
precisely what grabs people’s attention on a web page – and, just as
important, what they completely ignore,” said Gilmond Lapointe, Regional
General Manager, Professional Services, for the Bell Enterprise Group. “Our
usability experts are world-class among the best on the planet, and when they
add these new insights to widely accepted metrics for Web usability, it opens
up a whole new world of client intelligence for our customers.”

Bell customers like Victoria Clark, Manager of Online Marketing of
Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS), say a big part of the success of the
testing facility is the quality of the Bell team that works with them.

“We are extremely pleased with the work from the Bell user experience
team,” said Ms Clark. “Their deep subject matter expertise on user experience
has enabled CTFS to entrust Bell with its online initiatives and their work is
reflected in our product. We are more than pleased with the value that Bell
brings to these projects and their contribution to our online presence as a

Customers who engage the Bell Web Solutions usability lab get a real-time
view of how people respond to their websites or applications.
“Not only do we provide hard data on what is working for users, but our
clients can also gain tangible insight in real time,” said Mr. Lapointe.

Through one-way glass they can see for themselves how test subjects react,
even while keeping an eye on the monitors that show the spikes in emotions and
the time that eyes are glued to the site.”
Armed with that information, website and applications designers can make
much more confident decisions on what works and what doesn’t from the
perspective of the end user.

“Interactive customer touch points – including websites, online shopping
and mobile applications – are increasingly important in today’s competitive
landscape,” said Mr. Lapointe. “Bell’s usability lab is all about helping our
customers maximize their business results by making sure they get the most out
of their investment in their online presence. We have a unique combination of
talent and technology that we put to work for customers. This is one more
example of how we make sure our world-class user experience practice, part of
the Bell Enterprise Group’s professional services, just keeps getting better.”