Bell announced significant reductions in mobile data, voice and text roaming rates for Bermuda and most Caribbean islands, and double the Internet access in its popular data travel add-on. Following the 50% drop in US roaming prices announced last month, it's the latest example of Bell's commitment to lowering the cost of mobile roaming for Canadian consumers.

"Bell reduced the price of roaming in the country Canadians visit most, the United States, and now we've cut the costs for the island vacation destinations most popular with Canadians," said Wade Oosterman, President of Bell Mobility. "Canadians told us they want to use their smartphones a lot when they travel, and they want the price to come down. We've listened, and Bell continues to work with our international telecom suppliers to reduce the cost of international roaming for Canadian consumers."

Effective tomorrow, both existing Bell customers and new customers travelling to popular sun destinations including Aruba, Antigua, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, St. Barts, St. Martin, St. Lucia and more can take advantage of these reduced consumer roaming packages.

$50 Zone 1 30-day Travel Bundle
Travellers to Bermuda and most Caribbean Islands can now take advantage of the all-in-one $50 Zone 1 travel bundle, which offers 25 Megabytes (MB) of Internet and other data access, 50 anytime minutes for all local calls or back to Canada, and 50 sent and unlimited incoming text messages. This is a 47% price reduction from the previous price of $95 for the all-in-one bundle.

30-day Travel Add-ons
Travel add-ons give customers the option of taking just 1 or 2 mobile services and in large quantities. Customers travelling to Bermuda or the Caribbean islands can now purchase 100 MB of data for $75 – formerly $125 for 50 MB, an effective price reduction of 70%. The voice travel add-on is cut by half to $50 for 100 anytime minutes for local calls or back to Canada. Text messaging is now $30 for 200 sent and unlimited incoming text messages, a cost reduction of 40%.

Customers can choose the plans from Bell self serve on their smartphones or by calling 1-800-667-ROAM (7626) while they travel. To learn more, please visit