Beck’s beer, the exclusive beer of the Consumer Electronics Show Concierge Center announces the results of the Beck’s “The Choice Is Yours” Poll that surveyed CES attendees on the hot button topics being talked about at the trade show. The poll revealed that while Apple claims to be revolutionizing the personal computer and digital music, 55% of CES attendees still think Microsoft’s Bill Gates leads the way as the most influential cultural icon compared to Apple’s Steve Jobs.

The Beck’s “The Choice Is Yours” Poll discovered:

* Microsoft did not win over everyone at CES with the massive roll out of
their new Vista software. More than half (58%) of those polled are
scared to make the switch from Windows XP to Vista until the new
software is proven.

* Despite all the hype around the new iPhone, CES patrons are sticking
with the “trust what you know” philosophy with 55% surveyed preferring
to stay with their current cell phone.

* According to CES gaming enthusiasts, Sony is still winning the gaming
battles with 58% choosing the PlayStation 3 over the Nintendo Wii.

* Connect or clean?? The answer is simple for those at CES with 61%
admitting they would rather go a day without their toothbrush than
their PDA.

The newest PDA’s and cell phones aren’t the only thing in the hands of CES attendees this year as Beck’s joined CES in marking 40 years of innovation by celebrating the pioneers of tomorrow’s technology with two hosted bars in the Concierge Center serving both Beck’s and Beck’s Premier Light.

The Beck’s “The Choice is Yours” Survey was conducted January 8th and 9th, 2007 with 108 attendees at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Responses are reflective of CES attendees and not the general public. The poll was administered by Kelton Research.

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