MySpace Canada, in partnership with Corus
Entertainment, today launched a monthly contest providing up-and-coming
Canadian artists with the opportunity to be featured on, a
nationally syndicated radio show and web portal. The “Found on MySpace”
contest will let millions of Canadian users recommend and vote for their
favourite MySpace artist. The winner will be showcased on ExploreMusic and by acclaimed music expert, Alan Cross.

“Found on MySpace” provides musicians with an opportunity to engage music
enthusiasts and artists on platforms where they are already highly active.
Artists will be able to leverage MySpace to develop and create buzz around
their music, grow and engage a fan base and road test their material.

Every month, musicians are encouraged to send submissions through MySpace
Radio (, a new channel powered by StreamTheWorld.
Following a two week submission window, five finalists will be selected to be
voted on by MySpace Canada users. Voting will will run for two weeks at
MySpace Radio. Finalists will be notified by MySpace and will receive tips on
how to engage with their audience. Once the voting stage is complete, MySpace
will tally votes for each artist and notify ExploreMusic of the winner. The
winner, as selected by users, will be showcased on ExploreMusic on the first
Thursday of every month.

“MySpace represents the democratization of music distribution as it
allows any artist an opportunity to reach music fans anywhere on the planet
for zero cost,” said Cross. “Music fans know that they can go to MySpace and
investigate virtually any band they want — again at zero cost. We’ve already
seen a few artists break into the mainstream after finding a following on
MySpace – and we’re going to see a lot more. ExploreMusic’s goal is to help
that process of discovery-and-breakthrough along.”

“MySpace is the worldwide destination for new music and undiscovered
artists,” said Sue McGill, Executive Director of Sales, Marketing and Business
Development, MySpace Canada. “MySpace is ubiquitous and a standard for online
musicians and “Found on MySpace” is a great opportunity for independent,
unsigned musical talent to be discovered and further develop their music and