The highly anticipated falling star has landed in DragonVale with the introduction of a Cooperative Breeding Cave and five new Galaxy Dragons. DragonVale, one of the longest standing games in the top grossing app store charts, announces a new frontier of breeding allowing players to get social and create more dragon combinations than ever before.  

"DragonVale launched in 2011, and we have seen more than 35 million downloads worldwide with a large portion of our fan base actively playing the game since its inception," said Julian Farrior, CEO of Backflip Studios. "We strive to innovate within the game to keep players engaged and entertained. Cooperative Breeding not only unlocks new dragon combinations, but encourages social interactions and collaboration between players."

Cooperative Breeding makes it possible to access dragons players might not be able to attain on their own. Players can combine their dragon with a friend's dragon in order to unlock rare hybrid breeds together. Players of the game will also receive one of five beautiful new Galaxy Dragons.

Whether a person has been playing DragonVale for three years or just started building their island in the sky, Cooperative Breeding has something to offer everyone. Players are encouraged to form new relationships in order to breed an array of new dragons, introducing a fun, social aspect to the game. Cooperative Breeding in DragonVale fosters a collaborative, family-fun environment and provides friends at every level of the game the ability to discover exotic new breeds together.

Unlock the magic of the Cooperative Breeding Cave and start creating rare hybrid combinations today. Download the game in the Apple App Store, Amazon Appstore and on Google Play.