Whether they like it or not,

summer’s almost over for kids of all ages, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to

end. Today’s “must haves” for back-to-school are multi-functional high tech

tools that are entertaining, fashionable and practical. Parents looking for a

bang for their buck will appreciate the latest in tech devices that are useful

for students and have wide appeal for the entire family.

“It’s part of our job to understand what kids want and what parents need,” says

Jimmy Davlouros, Executive Vice President , BenQ North America. “That’s why we

join ‘fun’ and ‘function’ to produce high-quality products that offer optimum

performance, but are easy to use. From young children to college students to

adults, BenQ’s mix of style and usability are perfect for every user.”

As technology becomes more of a teaching tool in the classroom, parents have a

unique opportunity to give kids an advantage at home. Equipping students with

the right tools to better navigate the information highway can help them get a

head start both in school and the workplace. The more parents join the tech

revolution, the more technological tools become essential gear for families,

and the combination of fashion and versatility ensures that kids will enjoy the

learning process.

Lightweight, easy to carry digital cameras like BenQ’s Ultra Slim Line Series

are perfect examples. Easy to use with high-quality digital printouts, BenQ’s

cameras appeal to kids and adults alike. Up-and-coming photographers can

practice skill and technique; campus reporters can easily get that front-page

shot. Parents can use digital cameras to capture precious memories – from the

first day of kindergarten and school plays to graduation day. Available in

funky colours, kids will love the ease-of-use, portability, and MP3 playback

capabilities of BenQ’s cameras, and parents will appreciate the superior

resolution, 24mm depth and continuous movie recording with sound available in

select models.

For increasingly complex and time-consuming assignments, high school and

college students who spend hours a day at the computer can benefit from the

latest in LCD monitors. Delivering amazingly clear, sharp picture quality, and

smooth, flicker-free, full-motion pictures that are easy on the eyes, BenQ’s

line of 11 different LCD monitors come in 5 different screen sizes. Each

monitor is tailored towards the user’s specific needs – mom and dad can use

features like video applications for work, students can enjoy excellent

response time and superior quality picture while they surf the net. BenQ’s

line of LCD monitors is adjustable in height, ensuring that all users, from

kindergartners to adults, can comfortably use the equipment.

Safety and comfort are also increasingly important tech features. Recognizing

the rise in injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic neck pain from

frequent computer use, many tech companies are increasing their ergonomic

accessories. BenQ offers a line of keyboard and mice, including wireless models

that help users correctly align wrists and hands to avoid computer induced

repetitive stress injuries.

“At BenQ, we look at the big picture,” says Jimmy. “From digital cameras to DVD

recorders, from Projectors to MP3 players, we give our consumers flexibility,

freedom of choice, and superior performance. Our multi-faceted products help

re-enforce the growing trend of technology in the classroom, yet are

sophisticated enough to appeal to adults. These high-tech toys are a great fit

with contemporary families.”

For product-specific details and a complete listing of BenQ products, please

visit www.benq.ca.