Avocent Corporation announces the availability of its new DSView® 3 management software system along with six new DS Series KVM over IP appliances. DSView 3 software, a breakthrough for data center management, is the IT industry’s first fully redundant, replicating solution.  It provides network administrators secure browser-based control of servers, serial devices, DSUs and IPMI servers attached to any Avocent DS Series appliance.

“By expanding our field-proven solutions to give network administrators total data center control, we are raising the bar in KVM over IP switching” said John Cooper, president and chief executive officer of Avocent.  “The DSView 3 software further enhances our industry-leading solutions that deliver the best ROI for management by protecting investments in existing IT infrastructure.”

The DSView 3 software and DS Series system reduce down time and provide rapid disaster recovery while providing better overall management capabilities to administrators. The power of DSView 3 resides in its unique hub and spoke architecture for KVM over IP—a redundant, replicating database with a central management server (hub) and up to fifteen mirror servers (spokes).  Multiple back-up/failover capabilities allow users to authenticate to any server in the DSView 3 system, should the primary server fail.

“DSView 3 is an intuitive tool that delivers a comprehensive solution for secure control of servers and serial devices, locally and remotely,” said Bill Neiland, vice president of product marketing.  “Administrators can easily navigate between devices and configure, manage, upgrade and backup any device in the data center – all from a single screen.”

Security Advantages
Exit macros automatically log off a user when a session window is closed. Audit logs capture all switching and system activity, while customizable encryption modes can match company security policies. All traffic is encrypted – including video.

User Advantages
Easy authentication is provided through a single, Web-based interface, while keyboard pass-through eases server interaction.  Scalable sessions allow users to view multiple connections to different servers without using the entire desktop. Custom views let users look at specific categories and sort and filter according to individual responsibilities.

Management Advantages
Email and pager notifications allow for quick reaction by managers. Task scheduling ensures important events take place. Load balancing allows users to authenticate to a spoke for reliable access while limiting traffic to the hub during peak hours. Real-time or scheduled synchronization is available for updates. Initial set-up is simplified through the appliance auto-discover feature.  Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) allows for browser-based out-of-band power and system health management.

New DS Series KVM over IP switches compatible with DSView 3 software are specifically designed for either branch office or data center management.  The new DSR®1024 (1-port) and DSR®1022 (4-port) appliances join the field proven DSR®1021 (8-port) for branch office control. These appliances feature external modem and SPC power control support to easily troubleshoot, reboot and power cycle servers or serial devices.  Avocent has responded to the need for flexible data center configurations by introducing 16-port appliances with 1, 2, 4 and 8 digital paths. The DSR®1020, DSR®2020, DSR®4020 and DSR®8020 provide external modem and SPC power control support, and allow for USB keyboard and mouse use on a local port.