AVer Information, Inc. is helping to rebuild communities and schools following a wave of natural disasters that have displaced numerous people and caused extensive damage. These areas have faced overwhelming destruction from fires and hurricanes causing communities to lose homes, schools, and belongings. AVer’s donation will support, and help rebuild these communities.

Northern California has experienced devastating damage from over 20 burning wildfires, which have destroyed over 190,000 acres. Supporting its commitment to serving the community, AVer is working with YouCaring Compassionate Crowdfunding to help support and provide aid to the local communities affected. AVer employees came together to donate for this cause, and the company matched employee donations 9 to 1. In one day, Aver was able to raise $10,000 to support the local communities in Northern California. Funds will go towards assisting with the recovery of the survivor’s losses as well as sheltering the community as they continue to assess their homes.

In efforts to help hurricane survivors rebuild their schools, AVer is proud to partner with DonorsChoose.org to donate $20,000 to schools affected by the recent natural disasters. As schools begin to resume class, AVer’s donation will be used to help in the recovery of more than 15 different schools and communities. Teachers who lost everything in their classrooms will be able to use these products to bring learning back into the classroom, and provide the very best education for their students.

“We are honored to come together and help these communities rebuild as the recent natural disasters have had devastating effects. We strongly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility, and are committed to serving our community. With this donation, we believe we will be able to make a difference in the lives of those affected,” stated Arthur Pait, President of AVer Information Inc. Americas.

AVer’s donation will be used to help families during the recovery process, and to restore communities across the United States from California to Florida. Funds will go towards providing aid to survivors, and to the recovery of schools putting collaboration tools back in the classroom to replace what was lost. Schools will be outfitted with the latest technology tools, and AVer’s aid will be provided to communities to help them rebuild.