Avanquest Software today announced a network edition of its award-winning FaxTools Expert software, a PC Fax product that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide. FaxTools Expert Network Edition, offering PC faxing convenience through standard modems or Fax-over-IP (FoIP) in a true network solution, is available through competitively priced user-licensing tailored to businesses with three to 50 employees.

“Despite the rise and prominence of email in the workplace, tens of thousands of companies continue to rely on faxing today,” said Bob Lang, President, Avanquest Software USA. “FaxTools Expert Network will help these companies save time and money by integrating fax capabilities with the way they work today.”

FaxTools Expert Network provides full-featured PC Fax send and receive capabilities, enabling businesses to send professional-looking faxes directly from their PCs. Features designed to enhance fax communication efficiency include cover page editor, spell check, fax annotation and private and public phonebooks, among others. Also, businesses that rely on volume faxing can benefit from the software’s broadcast fax functionality, using their traditional modem or the FoIP capabilities. FoIP requires only a DSL or cable connection and can offer savings up to 70% by eliminating long-distance and international dialing charges.

FaxTools Expert Network Edition is designed for easy installation and operation so that even businesses that do not have in-house IT support can get up and running quickly and utilize the software’s full range of features, including:

  • Total Integration with MS Outlook: Users can manage and organize fax documents using the same interface they use for email messages. Fax recipients names can be selected from the Outlook address book and the familiar Outlook interface permits users to print, forward and save faxes, have faxes automatically archived, or attach multiple documents to a cover page.
  • Remote Faxing: Client can send/receive faxes with user’s laptop when out of the office and synchronize with FaxTools Expert Network’s server to update fax activity once re-connected.
  • Fax Broadcasting: Automates volume faxing; users can achieve cost efficiencies either by scheduling the fax broadcast for times of day when tariffs are lower or by opting for a FoIP transmission.
  • Re-Direct Module: Receive faxes anywhere when disconnected from the network; incoming faxes can be automatically re-directed through the server to any fax machine or email address.
  • Fax Confidentiality: FaxTools Expert Network can be configured so faxes go directly to their recipient in the manner of email, ensuring the complete confidentiality of the fax messages received.
  • Fax Classification: Users do not have to deal with paper anymore. They can easily find and organize their fax documents on their machine.

Compatible with over 1,000 analog modem drivers, FaxTools Expert Network Edition also offers FoIP capabilities through a unique partnership with Venali, the premium provider of Internet Fax Services. Through an inexpensive subscription to Venali’s FoIP service, available from within FaxTools Expert Network Edition, users can broadcast faxes over the Internet within minutes. Fax Tools Expert Network Edition is available immediately and also comes with six months of free email technical support, offered by Pack Privilege.