Most MSPs talk about automating their business practice. Many use some type of service automation (PSA) tool like Autotask. Although, the majority of MSPs mainly use the service ticketing portion of their PSA solution. If you are going to implement a PSA solution, you do need to have a solid plan. It is not uncommon to hear MSPs say that they only use a small fraction of the PSA functionality that they installed a year ago.

There are many other components to automating your MSP business. You need a RMM solution. You need an effective quoting and billing solution. These tools should also to talk to each other to reduce redundant workload. Some PSA tools like Autotask offers some CRM functionality. Beyond the actual tool, Autotask can also be a great resource to help you with all sorts of best-practice business intelligence. Come ask them!

At ChanneNEXT East April 11-12 in Quebec, come explore what Autotask offers to help you build a sustainable managed services business.