Autodesk, Inc. and Architectural Data Systems (ADS) announced an initiative to enable users of AutoCAD Architecture 2008 software (formerly Autodesk Architectural Desktop) — full access to ADSearch — an extensive attribute-based building product search engine from ADS. Through the ADSearch technology, Autodesk intends to provide AutoCAD Architecture 2008 users with access to the broad array of manufacturer catalogs and can rapidly digitally search, manage, and create in-depth product lists made available by ADS.

“We developed ADSearch to make the laborious and manual process of searching manufacturers’ sites and reference materials more efficient and less time consuming,” said Chuck Williams, CEO of ADS. “With this new initiative, AutoCAD Architecture users could increase productivity and simplify management of multiple data and sites to streamline workflow. We are thrilled to collaborate with an industry leader such as Autodesk.”

By integrating our technologies, AutoCAD Architecture 2008 users could gain rapid electronic access to thousands of manufacturer’s products: Potential benefits of this relationship include the ability to:

* Automatically capture and store selected data in the user’s spec
sheets until the user decides how, what and when to save based on
specific traits the user requested for the design

* Integrate AutoCAD Architecture 2008 with product selection and spec

* Allow product-to-product search capabilities in one search result

“Through our collaboration with ADS, hundreds of thousands of AutoCAD Architecture users could access an extensive library of manufacturer catalogs,” said Phil Bernstein, vice president of industry strategy and relations, Autodesk AEC Solutions. “This is the latest example of our ongoing commitment to supporting established industry processes and the large AutoCAD Architecture community.”