ATTO Technology, Inc. has unveiled the FastStream 5300 Storage Appliance. The ATTO FastStream 5300 Storage Appliance addresses customer needs to add RAID protection to critical data without suffering the performance impact associated with more traditional solutions. Designed as an external device that integrates into existing SCSI storage, FastStream adds data protection and storage networking with lightning-fast performance, user friendly one-click installation and smooth data streaming. Applications such as high definition video editing, 2K digital production and transactional environments such as databases can take advantage of the more than 480 MB/sec. performance provided by the ATTO FastStream 5300.

“ATTO FastStream offers a solution for applications and work flows that require high performance data movement that need the benefit of data protection. RAID solutions often impact the performance level causing limited functionality in applications,” states Sherri Robinson, director of markets at ATTO Technology. “Digital video footage, large databases, media-rich documents, hi-res images, uncompressed audio and scientific data sets have one thing in common: the need for RAID data protection with high performance. The ATTO FastStream is uniquely designed to support the demanding throughput needs for applications that require high-speed data transfers while adding parity RAID protection.”

Featuring a “one-button” setup wizard that dramatically simplifies installation and configuration, the FastStream Storage Appliance is JBOD and RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 configurable. Add RAID to existing storage devices to guarantee high storage availability, prevent data loss and eliminate failures from individual storage systems. Existing RAID volumes can be expanded, mirrors added or RAID levels changed dynamically while keeping all data intact. The provisioning feature enables optimal use of storage assets and the ability to modify the storage infrastructure with minimal or no disruption to application services. With the FastStream Storage Appliance, users can now add storage as needed, when needed.

Management is simple with the ATTO ExpressNAV(TM)integrated management console. With an intuitive point-and-click interface, ExpressNAV allows for remote configuration, management and diagnostics. Monitor and manage your storage from anywhere on the Internet.

The ATTO FastStream 5300 provides blazing-fast performance with cutting edge 4-Gb Fibre Channel SAN connectivity and Ultra320 interfaces for easy connectivity to any SCSI storage. Designed to enable direct-attached SCSI storage to become part of a storage area network, the FastStream 5300 allows unused storage to be reclaimed and made available to the servers that need it most.

Engineered in a slim 1U 19″ rack form factor, with an excellent ROI and simple administration, the FastStream 5300 Storage Appliance adds instant RAID protection with lightning-fast performance to any SCSI storage device.