In a time when contact information and communication preferences change at the speed of light, it is a struggle to manage it all. Atmospheir, announced that their mobile app is poised to become the new standard in mobile address books. With an exceptionally elegant and intuitive interface, the free app will be available on the iOS App Store for download on June 4th 2015, with the Android version set to be released later this year. Atmospheir enables users to discover, connect and exchange complete sets of contact and social information in seconds using a single ID. The app pairs the fastest way to exchange information with built-in messaging that allows users to send and receive free text, voice, photo, GIF and video messages without leaving the app. Atmospheir makes adding a new contact, (and all their communication channels), as easy as following someone on Twitter, and removes the need to use another app to communicate.

"Atmospheir blends elements of social networking, mobile card design and in-app messaging to create a simple and effective solution for managing contacts. We've made the fastest way for you to get and stay connected to the people that matter most," states CEO and founder Matt Crumrine. "The app alleviates the pain of recording and updating information and creates a platform where relationships will automatically stay relevant and grow more valuable over time."

Atmospheir makes it easy to get started. After signing up within the app store, users are asked to create a personalized ID. Users can then add as much, or as little contact information as they want to their profile card, including more than 20 social networks (with more on the way). The card unifies offline information and social identities in one place behind a unique, easy to share, ID. Since users manage their own information, Atmospheir acts as a crowd-sourced address book, giving users all the up-to-date information they could ever want or need, for every contact. If a contact updates their phone number, adds an Instagram handle, or changes their address, the app will automatically update the information and send the user a notification. Atmospheir turns contact management on its head by making your information the last you'll ever need to keep up-to-date.

Atmospheir's dynamic feature set is aimed at making networking easier than ever. The app's "Nearby" feature allows users to turn on Bluetooth low-energy to discover and connect with people around you, a potentially game-changing tool for conference goers, or anyone needing to add several contacts at once. The app also provides users the ability to request introductions through mutual connections, or introduce two people that you think should meet or exchange information. Recognizing that consumers have different types of relationships, the app ingeniously allows users to label pieces of information as personal or business, and choose which set(s) of info they share every time they make a new connection.

"We've reimagined the business card for the digital age. Users can not only exchange their contact and social network information using a single ID, but also communicate with their contacts using free in-app chat," states COO and Head of BD, Colin Stewart.