ATI Technologies Inc. announced Lenovo’s new ThinkPad T60 thin-and-light model will feature Mobility(TM) Radeon(R) X1400 and Mobility(TM) Radeon(R) X1300 graphics processors to deliver the ideal balance of performance and portability in a cutting-edge business notebook. ATI’s Mobility Radeon graphics processors blend advanced multimedia performance with superior power management to ensure the ThinkPad T60 easily runs the most visually-intensive applications today, as well as Microsoft’s next-generation operating system, Windows Vista, when it launches later in 2006.

Both Mobility Radeon X1400 and X1300 feature ATI’s new Avivo(R) technology and PowerPlay(TM) 6.0 power management to deliver superior high-definition video playback and long battery life to the ThinkPad T60-whether it’s on the road or in the boardroom.

“Businesses looking to make the most of their notebook investment require mobile solutions that deliver the leading-edge technology needed to support applications and operating systems for several years to come,” said Phil Eisler, Vice President and General Manager of ATI’s Mobile and Chipset Business Unit. “The ThinkPad T60 notebook with Mobility Radeon graphics is a feature-rich and future-proof investment making it the perfect solution for today’s high-demanding professional environments.”

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