Astaro Corporation (, a leading network security provider, today announced that RackForce will now offer Astaro products as managed services to their clients. RackForce Networks, a privately held ICT service provider with datacenters located in Toronto Ont. and Kelowna B.C., Canada, is one of the first organizations to offer Astaro products as a service.

Randall Robinson, CIO RackForce Networks said, “Offering Astaro’s IT security services complements our existing network service offerings extremely well. Astaro’s virtual security appliances ideally support RackForce’s secure multi-tenant, highly scalable hybrid Cloud services. The decision to go with Astaro as our security vendor for this program was twofold. They offered the most comprehensive security solutions we found and the Astaro Service Provider Program was flexible enough to meet our specific needs as a service provider.”

As the partnership with RackForce creates new revenue opportunities for both Astaro and Rackforce, Astaro will continue to with other service providers such as Telecos, ISPs and MSPs to develop similar agreements.

“The IT Service Provider market can have very specific needs when it comes to business models and licensing requirements,” said Bob Darabant, vice president of Americas at Astaro. “Astaro understands these requirements and we assist partners to establish a business model that fits their business and practices. We worked with RackForce to design an agreement that will be mutually beneficial to both parties and has the potential to be extended to other service providers.”