Just in time – on Saturday, 07/07/07 – the Internet will be restructured. As of this date you will be able to link e-mails and websites with numbers – worldwide – on the mypagenumber.com platform

Everyone has a phone number. And an address. The list continues: a car registration number, passport number, shoe size, credit card number, insurance policy number – some people even have numbered accounts or a number for their vacation flight. What about websites and e-mail addresses? Shouldn’t they have a dedicated number also? “It would be a lot easier”, thought a group of young people from Zurich who instantly followed up on their idea with the creation of the mypagenumber.com portal.

The entire web on a single page

“The world and ourselves are built out of millions of connections all made from the same components, these same elements can all be found within the periodic table”, explains co-founder Philipp. “We want to do the same with the Internet.”

The mypagenumber.com system is simple: On the homepage, there are fields filled with numbers. Friends of the founders have already staked out a few of these fields for themselves. The numbers already taken are marked with the names of these holders. If you run your mouse over a field, the logo of the lessee is displayed – if they agree to it. Clicking on the field connects you directly to their respective websites and e-mail addresses.

Annual fee or auction

If a number is still available, you can rent it for an annual fee. “Of course we are expecting massive demand for unique number combinations”, says Philipp. Consequently, the company is auctioning off number such as 777 or 111 to the highest bidder.

The young entrepreneurs are convinced that their idea will catch on. They are leaving the decision of whether to use the mypagenumber.com as an advertising platform, a search engine or a game up to their users.