Arkeia’s New Server Backup Solution Offers Relief for SMBs and Enterprise Departments with Centralized Servers

    Arkeia, an international leader in enterprise backup solutions, announced at LinuxWorld Expo today the introduction of Arkeia Server Backup specifically designed for businesses and enterprise departments which rely on local backups to a single tape drive.

    Expressly developed for the many business environments and organizational structures with centralized single servers, Server Backup is built on Arkeia’s proven engine. Combined with an easy-to-use Java interface, it offers one of the most intuitive backup solutions on the market.

    “We specially tailored this compact version of Arkeia for users who have less complex backup needs,” said Arkeia CEO Phil Roussel, “but it still has the power and reliability of Arkeia’s flagship network solution that is used worldwide for complex heterogeneous networks.”

    Server Backup users can take advantage of a fully integrated Wizard for easy set up of basic operations. As with the network version of Arkeia, Server Backup can handle:
    —Remote administration and operation
    —Simultaneous parallel backup and restore operations
    —Automatic multi-flow management
    —Total, incremental and differential backups
    —Interactive, differed and scheduled backups
    —Calendar interface to manage scheduled backup, including backup exception
    —Before and after backup commands
    —Backup history memorization
    —Log visualization by backup, restore or full view
    —Sending of the backup report by e-mail
    —Point-in-time restore
    —Restore with data redirection
    —Disaster Recovery module

    Server Backup also is the perfect solution for database server protection. With plug-in extensions it can handle online backup of widely used databases such as Lotus, Oracle, DB2, and MySQL.

    Arkeia’s powerful Linux Disaster Recovery module can also be added to provide the ultimate in security. A fully automated disaster recovery process restores the Linux machine from scratch if the server is stolen or totally destroyed.

    Arkeia Server Backup is available in two different versions: the regular package priced at $290 and Arkeia Server Backup Disaster Recovery Edition for $890. Hot backup plug-ins are also available and range from $190 to $990.

    All packages are currently available for download, as 30-day demos, at


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