It seems like pretty much everything we do with the IT Channel today, revolves around the digital landscape. We have been extending this deeper into the channel to help more VARs and MSPs to better leverage digital marketing. At our upcoming conference we will have several tracks to help the channel to up their digital game. Our VARCoaches already offer several partner training courses on the subject.

Whether we’re working, keeping fit, learning, playing, purchasing online or watching TV, we are making new digital demands of the businesses with which we deal. A new study, The Information Generation: Transforming The Future, explores the impact of a growing global community of digital citizens.

These individuals are always connected and engaged online, and have the world’s information at their fingertips. They also view the world very differently. Based on input from 3,600 Director-to-C-Suite business leaders across 18 countries, the study reveals new expectations of these individuals and identifies the fundamental business attributes critical for organizations to successfully compete and thrive in this new landscape.

Not surprisingly, nearly every (96%) business leader surveyed  believes new technologies have forever changed the rules of business. In addition, 93% reported that recent technology advancements are resetting customer expectations, and nearly all say this will accelerate over the next decade. The top reported customer expectations are faster access to services, 24/7 and “everywhere” access and connectivity, access on more devices, and a more unique personalized experience.