Elias Corporation last week announced the formal launch of Applists.com, its proprietary patent-pending software for iPhone users and third-party Web 2.0 application developers.

Through Applists.com, iPhone users can now quickly and conveniently locate the world’s iPhone applications with just a few taps on their screen and then store these apps in containers called application lists or applists.

Applists goes beyond the recent plethora of app launchers and desktops in the marketplace by allowing iPhone users to create multiple applists for their home, work, school or any grouping they can imagine, all in one place. The product helps users organize their apps in a way that is unavailable through any other product on the market.

Plus, there are no ads or “gotchas” for iPhone users. The service is free, supporting the company’s mantra which, says Elias Corporation CEO Bill Denk, is simple: “respect people.”

“Consumers have grown tired of the traditional advertising model — drive people to your site, then bombard them with advertising,” Denk said. “Applists provides a free basic service to developers to assist them in tracking their apps usage along with other relevant metrics, so they can do what they love to do most: write code.”

An iPhone user for only a week, Denk recognized the need for his product when he realized the only way users could access their desired iPhone applications was through traditional search engine like Google or Yahoo! “They would then either bookmark the link or retype it each time,” he said.

“Applists eliminates that step altogether, he said. “We do that work for them.”

After their website launched on July 8, http://www.applists.com/ experienced an unprecedented 1,000 unique visitors in the first 24 hours. After one full week of operation, that number has surged to 12,000 with more than 92 percent of visitors creating applists immediately, clearly substantiating the value of the product.

Applists.com even enables iPhone users to use their desktop Safari browser to add, update and modify their applists, which are instantly accessible when they pick up their iPhone.

System Requirements

Applists.com is built for the Apple Safari browser for use with iPhones, Macs and PCs.