Making it faster and easier for music lovers
to find any song simply by knowing some of the lyrics, All Media Guide (AMG),
the premier technology and content database provider for exploring music,
movies, and games, has announced a partnership with LyricFind, the premier
source of song lyrics online, to offer lyric search and display capabilities on
devices and Websites.

“LyricFind’s technology provides AMG with a powerful new tool to help users
find new music,” said Andrew Stess, AMG vice president of consumer
electronics. “Now our customers will be able to offer consumers the ability to
search our database not only by traditional artist and title methods, but also
by the one thing that people tend to remember from a song: the lyrics.”

Under the agreement, AMG will integrate LyricFind’s two unique technologies
for lyric search and lyric display into its suite of products, while also gaining
the license to resell any of LyricFind’s technologies and services to AMG’s
own customers. Through AMG’s partnership with LyricFind, music retail
partners will have the ability to add lyrics-based search to their browsing
experience. Similarly, CE device manufacturers can enable their users to sort
and categorize their own music, as well as being able to view the lyrics for
the songs in their collections. The technology agreement also lets LyricFind
provide basic AMG data to its own clients.

“Partnering with AMG makes for a win-win situation,” said Darryl Ballantyne,
president of LyricFind. “For 15 years, AMG has been the leader in music and
entertainment data. We are able to provide our clients with superior quality
meta data and easily integrate our services with AMG’s existing clients, as
well as showcase our services on the site.”