AMD announced that Falcon Northwest has joined the ranks of computer manufacturers and system builders supporting AMD Turion 64 mobile technology. Falcon Northwest, a custom system builder serving the PC gamer market, has selected AMD Turion 64 mobile technology to power the new FragBook TL-2 notebook, allowing gamers extraordinary levels of performance and mobility.

Designed to meet the needs of today’s highly mobile consumers and business professionals, AMD Turion 64 mobile technology offers 64-bit computing, protection from certain malicious viruses with Enhanced Virus Protection, and compatibility with the latest graphics and wireless solutions.

Since its launch in March 2005, AMD Turion 64 mobile technology has been incorporated into approximately 60 notebook designs either currently shipping or in development worldwide. Leading global computer manufacturers offering notebooks powered by AMD Turion 64 mobile technology include Acer, BenQ, Falcon Northwest, Fujitsu, Fujitsu-Siemens Computer, HP, MSI, NEC, Packard Bell and VoodooPC, among others.

“AMD Turion 64 mobile technology has gained rapid market acceptance among consumers and business professionals thanks to its open-standard architecture that enables feature-rich, differentiated notebook platforms,” said Chris Cloran, director of AMD’s mobile business division, Microprocessor Solutions Sector. “Falcon Northwest is known for building mind-blowing gaming PCs, and AMD Turion 64 mobile technology allows them to offer high performance in a highly portable, thin and light FragBook design.”

“As the demand for mobile gaming systems increases, it was a natural decision to add AMD Turion 64 mobile technology to our product line,” said Bradd Berdelman, general manager, Falcon Northwest. “The phenomenal performance of our FragBox desktop PCs based on AMD64 technology is simply outstanding. We were able to duplicate that same performance with AMD’s latest 64-bit mobile technology without sacrificing battery life.”

Falcon Northwest’s FragBook TL-2 is a powerful notebook PC that achieves an ideal balance of performance, light weight and battery life for those who desire mobility as well as speed. The FragBook TL-2 is available now throughout North America.

Together with other industry leaders, AMD enables a best-in-class ecosystem of open industry-standard technologies, helping PC manufacturers deliver feature-rich systems that help satisfy the variety of ways in which people use their notebooks. Additionally, AMD offers the only mobile-specific processors available to run both 32-bit and 64-bit software, delivering outstanding performance today that will not be obsolete tomorrow.

About AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology

AMD Turion 64 mobile technology is uniquely optimized for mobility. The technology is designed to be the most advanced family of 32- and 64-bit Windows-compatible processors available for mobile PCs, enabling thinner and lighter notebooks plus compatibility with today’s most popular wireless and graphics solutions. AMD Turion 64 mobile technology also features award-winning AMD64 performance, readiness for 64-bit applications, advanced security with Enhanced Virus Protection and AMD PowerNow! technology for extended battery life. AMD Turion 64 mobile technology products are now available in models ML-40, ML-37, ML-34, ML-32, ML-30, ML-28, MT-40, MT-37, MT-34, MT-32, MT-30 and MT-28.