AMD announced the
availability of new AMD LIVE! PCs from Alienware and Dell, expanding the
selection of popular, easy-to-use PCs designed to help simplify today’s
digital lifestyle. The AMD LIVE! PC is a full-featured media center computer
powered by the award-winning AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor and
created to enrich consumers’ experiences when enjoying digital movies, music
and photos throughout the home and on the go.

AMD also introduced additions and enhancements to the AMD LIVE!
Entertainment Suite, a collection of valuable services and applications
designed to enhance the PC experience. Three exciting new software
applications – AMD LIVE! Communicator, AMD LIVE! Games and AMD LIVE! Kid
Rocket – have been added to the Entertainment Suite, expanding an already
substantial software bundle.

“The AMD LIVE! experience continues to generate momentum and excitement
as an even broader selection of manufacturers offer AMD LIVE! PCs worldwide,”
said Joe Menard, corporate vice president of AMD’s Consumer Business.
“Consumers have embraced the smarter choice for simple digital media
enjoyment, as evidenced by the growing market demand for AMD LIVE! PC

Dell has recently announced a powerful new Dimension media center PC with
AMD LIVE! technology.

“As a leading supplier of high-performance and multimedia computers, Dell
delivers innovative technology and services that consumers trust and value,”
said Joe Curley, Dell director of Dimension and XPS desktop product marketing.
“Innovative technologies like AMD LIVE! delivered on Dimension PCs demonstrate
how dual-core technology empowers customers to access and manage their music,
movies, and photos where and when they want.”

This week at the DigitalLife 2006 event, Alienware is expected to provide
technology demonstrations of the Alienware DHS high-definition media center, a
sleek new AMD LIVE! PC design featuring a high-power, integrated home theater
amplifier from D2Audio Corporation, and graphics powered by the Microsoft
Windows “Vista Ready” NVIDIA nForce 430 with GeForce 6150 graphics to enable
high-definition video playback.

“Our new DHS media center with AMD LIVE! technology powerfully
demonstrates Alienware’s commitment to the concept that the digital living
room is quickly becoming a reality,” said Frank Azor, senior vice president of
Alienware’s Product Group. “Cool and sleek design, which is core to
Alienware’s DNA, complements AMD’s dual-core technology, resulting in an
entertainment solution that is perfectly suited for the home, den or bedroom.”

“D2Audio is pleased to be an integral part of the sophisticated new AMD
LIVE! PC from Alienware,” said Brian Wong, chief executive officer and
president of D2Audio. “The sleek all-in-one form factor with its high-quality
internal D2Audio(R) Intelligent Digital Amplifier has great consumer

AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite

To help enrich the experience of AMD LIVE! PC customers, AMD designed the
AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite to be an open platform capable of working with
as many existing consumer electronics devices as possible. AMD works closely
with innovative software companies to help make their applications as
innovative, intuitive and reliable as possible. Because many of these
applications are compute intensive, they are well-suited to the capabilities
of an AMD LIVE! PC.

New software applications in the Entertainment Suite include:

— AMD LIVE! Communicator powered by SightSpeed offers state-of-the-art
video and voice communications over the Internet, allowing families and
friends to stay connected no matter where they live.

— AMD LIVE! Games powered by WildTangent delivers a fun gaming
experience with a wealth of exciting online and downloadable games.

— AMD LIVE! Kid Rocket Web Browser helps parents rest easy by offering
children the ability to play online games and explore the Internet in a
controlled and safe environment.

“Since our introduction, experts consistently have agreed that SightSpeed
is the leading provider of personal video and voice communications services,
delivering the highest quality and most true to life video experience around,”
said Peter Csathy, SightSpeed’s chief executive officer. “Video communication
has long been thought of as the next big step in communications. With the new
capabilities and power found in the AMD LIVE! solution, this means it’s here
now, and ready for prime time use and acceptance.”

“Powering AMD LIVE! Games is a great honor and a strong endorsement of
our solution,” said Alex St. John, chief executive officer of WildTangent.
“The WildTangent Game Console plus our revolutionary WildCoins payment
system enable the search, discovery and enjoyment of hundreds of the most
popular games in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the normal costs for
gaming enthusiasts worldwide.”

“The AMD LIVE! Kid Rocket Web Browser is a simple and effective way for
children to safely surf the Internet by allowing them to visit only those Web
sites programmed into the browser,” said Greg Killam, chief executive officer
of Crash Software. “We believe KidRocket is a valuable tool that will bring
AMD LIVE! PC customers some peace of mind, knowing that their children can be
protected from Internet predators and, at the same time, they can protect
their important files from click-happy little fingers.”

In addition to new software and services, AMD has upgraded the existing
AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite. For example, new features in the AMD LIVE!
Media Vault powered by Streamload include automatic file backup to an online
account and file synchronization between networked PCs and devices. Consumers
now have the ability to easily share digital files such as photos or home
movies between a desktop and notebook PC, for example, or between their home
and workplace.

“AMD LIVE! Media Vault’s new features make it even easier for consumers
to preserve their precious photos, videos and music without the hassle of
manual uploads,” said Steve Iverson, president and chief executive officer of
Streamload. “We’re excited that AMD continues to work closely with Streamload
to ensure that its customers have access to today’s leading online media

Leading OEMs currently offering AMD LIVE! PCs worldwide include Acer,
Alienware, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Gateway, HP, Tsinghua Tongfang and
ZT Group, among others.

The AMD LIVE! Communicator and AMD LIVE! Kid Rocket Web Browser are now
available as part of the AMD LIVE! Entertainment Suite, which is offered free
of charge for AMD customers along with some optional premium services provided
by participating software suppliers. AMD LIVE! Games will be available in the
near future. For more information, please visit