AMD launched low-power, high-performance AMD Geode
LX processors at Computex 2005 to offer developers a smart choice for unique,
full-featured devices, enabling extended functionality, small form factors and
long battery life. The processor’s versatile, industry-standard x86
architecture allows developers to bring highly integrated solutions to market,
meeting diverse needs.

AMD’s embedded x86 solutions are being used to address specialized
needs within a variety of industries, including corporate thin clients,
ultramobile and tablet computing devices, set-top boxes, storage appliances,
and single board computer (SBC) applications such as industrial automation
equipment, information and medical appliances, point-of-sale terminals and
kiosks, and communications infrastructure.

The AMD Geode LX processor family offers the low power and high
performance that design engineers need to create a broad range of small form
factor solutions that take advantage of the extensive x86 software base.

“AMD Geode LX processors help our customers offer choice, value and
differentiated solutions to meet critical needs within the commercial and
consumer markets they serve,” said Greg White, vice president of AMD’s
Embedded Computing Solutions Division. “We are seeing diverse applications
ranging from hosted thin clients to ultramobile PCs, thanks to the flexibility
and functionality of our x86 technology.”

The AMD Geode LX 800(at)0.9W(a) processor offers the highest performance
per watt solution available today in the 32-bit x86 industry, while supporting
increased memory bandwidth through a DDR interface and enhanced I/O throughput
with USB2.0. These features allow engineers to design innovative products
optimized with long battery life, compact and fanless form factors, enhanced
mobility and the high performance that customers expect from AMD technology.
With the ability to support Windows XP, XP Embedded and Linux operating
systems, this processor family also provides simplified programming and a
familiar user environment for consumers’ convenience.

“Incorporating the AMD Geode LX processor into the Lippert
Hurricane-LX800 EPIC SBC was a simple decision given the combined benefits of
low power consumption and outstanding performance,” said Peter Lippert, CEO,
LiPPERT Embedded Computers. “The platform is extremely simple to work with and
we were able to bring our latest SBC module to market quickly and easily.”