AMD and
Chartered ramped 300mm production at Fab 7 in record time, hitting all major
milestones and starting production at mature yields. Initial shipments out of
Chartered consisted of microprocessors manufactured on 90nm process
technology. The ramp of volume production at Chartered combined with recent
announcements in Dresden shows that AMD will have the ability to intelligently
scale and flex production in line with customer demand.

“We selected Chartered to augment our production because of a shared
philosophy of flexibility and agility in manufacturing,” said Daryl Ostrander,
senior vice president, logic technology at AMD. “Through successful
integration of select advanced process control modules we’ve enabled an
on-time start-up with the same standards of quality, efficiency and
responsiveness that AMD customers have come to expect from our manufacturing

AMD and Chartered originally announced a manufacturing agreement in late
2004 which called for volume production of AMD64 products in the second half
of 2006. With this announcement, AMD has once again demonstrated a
track-record of flawless execution and on-time delivery in manufacturing to
provide additional flex capacity for its customers. AMD will continue to
enhance operations at Chartered with a planned transition to 65nm process
technology in mid-2007.
“Achieving mature yields on-plan and ahead of schedule for 90nm volume
production in support of AMD’s expanding market opportunity have been our
collective goals since we initiated our manufacturing collaboration in 2004,
and we are equally proud of these results,” said Kay Chai “KC” Ang, senior
vice president of fab operations at Chartered. “Our close working relationship
with AMD has not only enhanced our ability to meet and exceed its aggressive
manufacturing requirements, but has provided pass-through benefits resulting
from our implementation of Automated Precision Manufacturing know-how from
“Through a flexible, collaborative approach and the power of Automated
Precision Manufacturing, AMD and Chartered have attained rapid production ramp
on AMD64 products with mature yields,” said Preston Snuggs, vice president of
manufacturing systems at AMD. “Through a continued customer-centric approach
to manufacturing, we now have increased flexibility in dynamically adjusting
capacity to meet customer demand.”