Altiris, Inc., a pioneer of IT lifecycle management solutions that reduce the total cost of owning IT resources, announced it has been selected to join with other security solution vendors to form the SecureIT Alliance just announced by Microsoft. The SecureIT Alliance is dedicated to enabling participating security partners to more easily and efficiently integrate their solutions with the Microsoft platform to build innovative security features and products for the benefit of customers. Altiris offers expertise in
multi-layered security management solutions that help improve security for customers on the Microsoft platform.

“Our customers have told us they are looking for more integrated security solutions with greater interoperability,” said Bruce Burns, Senior Director, Microsoft Corporation. “The SecureIT Alliance will enable Altiris, and other security vendors, to work more effectively together to improve security and meet customer needs.”

Altiris delivers audit-ready security by integrating vulnerability management across all seven major system security areas with best-of-breed remediation tools. The unique Altiris approach to security and configuration management also includes network, hardware and software authorization and control to help reduce exposure to security threats while eliminating vulnerability root causes.

Poul Nielsen, Altiris VP of corporate development, said, “The SecureIT Alliance is an excellent opportunity for Altiris to work with industry leaders and help further secure the Microsoft platform to the benefit of our common customers. Altiris will get access to a community of peers and Microsoft developer programs such as betas, software development kits, early adopter programs and development labs for getting and sharing information and best practices to build leading security solutions. We look to further enhance our leading configuration management solutions to drive security through a
multi-layered approach.”

Microsoft has recognized the need to address security with technology solutions in addition to working collaboratively with the industry. Microsoft recently announced the SecureIT Alliance, which is dedicated to facilitating a stronger community of partners, developing innovative security solutions and improving technology integration to provide a higher level of security for mutual customers. The SecureIT Alliance is designed to enable Altiris to work with Microsoft more efficiently to integrate Altiris products with the Microsoft platform.

The SecureIT Alliance also intends to have a public-facing site to help customers address their security related needs by accessing security related information including case studies, videos, presentations, white papers, best practices and product information.