Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. today announced that Alienware, a leading manufacturer of high-performance desktop, notebook, media center, and professional systems, will utilize the Fujitsu MHT-BH 2.5” 9.5mm mobile hard disk drive (HDD) with Serial-ATA (SATA) interface in its new Area-51m 7700 mobile PC, an ideal solution for the high-end gaming market. This system marks the first implementation of 2.5” SATA hard disk drive technology in notebook computers.

With the Area-51m 7700, Alienware utilized the latest technology and hardware available, successfully harnessing the power of a desktop computer in a 17” notebook. The Area-51m 7700 features up to two optical drives and two hard disk drives to give users an unbelievable amount of flexibility and performance to tackle any workload. Fujitsu hard disk drives can be used to create a RAID 0 or RAID 1 array to maximize performance.

“Alienware has become a technology leader based on our ability to recognize the possibilities presented by emerging technologies and implement them in ways that serve the needs of our customers,” said Patrick Cooper, director of product management for Alienware. “With the new Area-51m 7700 we utilized physically small but powerful technologies, such as the Fujitsu MHT-BH hard disk drive, to create a solution that gives users both worlds, the flexibility of a notebook seamlessly blended with the potent performance of a high performance desktop system.”

The Fujitsu MHT-BH hard disk drive, announced in early 2004 as the industry’s first and only 2.5” SATA hard disk drive, redefined the possibilities for manufacturers in emerging notebook and enterprise storage markets. The MHT-BH hard disk drive is among the smallest, fastest and most efficient hard disk drives enabling innovation and improvements in everything from laptop and notebook computers, to other platforms and applications. The Fujitsu MHT-BH hard disk drive features Native Command Queuing (NCQ), an important feature that intelligently and simultaneously coordinates up to 32 instructions to be queued and reordered by the hard disk controller, contributing to a significant improvement in overall hard disk drive performance.

“Fujitsu’s SATA technology leadership positioned us as the only viable option to provide native Serial ATA II interface hard disk drive technology for notebook systems,” said Joel Hagberg, vice president of marketing and business development, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. “We are excited to partner with Alienware and be a part of this next-generation laptop that will pave the way for mobile SATA notebook applications in the future.”

Hard Disk Drive Specifications:

Leveraging its technology leadership and innovation, Fujitsu designed the MHT-BH 2.5” Serial ATA mobile hard disk drive to provide market-leading specifications that are critical for today’s mobile computing applications:

*Capacity: 40GB, 60GB, 80GB

*Rotational Speed: 5400 RPM

*Areal Density: 69Gb/sq.inch

*SATA Interface

*Native Command Queuing

*Staggered Spin Up

*Hot Plug

*Track to Track Seek Time: 1.5ms

*Host Transfer rate: 150 MB/s

*Operating Shock: 225G (2ms)