UniPress( Software, Inc., a leading mid-market provider of 100%
web-based service desk automation software, today announced that ADP Canada
has selected FootPrints to centralize its case management and support
operations serving 50,000 business customers. ADP Canada, the leading provider
of integrated business solutions in Canada, will be replacing two internally
developed case management systems with FootPrints 100% web-based service desk
software, enabling the company to manage customer inquiries more efficiently
and maintain superior service levels. The current deployment supports 600
agents and will grow to 1,000 by year-end, and will span several offices
throughout Canada.

FootPrints is a comprehensive, flexible web-based support automation
solution that includes centralized tracking for all incoming customer requests
from multiple sources (phone, email, the web, live chat, and wireless PDAs)
along with extensive workflow and business rule automation, self-service
online, knowledge management, two-way email management, service level
management, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. FootPrints offers
organizations the ability to quickly streamline their internal and external
support processes, as well as other business activities. The system provides
organizations with its signature ease-of-use, a powerful workflow engine,
customization without programming or consulting, and the flexibility to create
multiple, partitioned projects.

Providing a full range of business services including payroll processing,
ADP Canada helps customers increase productivity, ensure compliance, improve
employee retention, and reduce costs. To ensure the most responsive service,
agents will use FootPrints to log all types of customer inquiries ranging from
payroll requests and processing changes to technical issues. All of these
requests will be centrally processed in FootPrints whether they are submitted
using the FootPrints web-screens, email, or logged by an agent.

ADP Canada chose FootPrints over competitive solutions because of its
web-based architecture, ease-of-use, flexibility, and built-in workflow
capabilities. Company officials also noted that FootPrints was the best choice
as far as integrating the product with other IT systems that the company has
in place, including Microsoft(R) Active Directory and SQL(R) Server databases.
UniPress offers dynamic integrations with other IT systems that can be quickly
implemented, without any programming or consulting.

“During our search process, we knew early on that FootPrints and the
company were the choice for us,” said Chris Davis, Senior Director Systems
Development at ADP Canada. “From day one, we were impressed with the
responsiveness and professionalism of UniPress’ staff. In addition, the
process of downloading the software and customizing it took only a matter of

ADP’s IT Core Project Team realized during the selection process that
FootPrints’ central issue-tracking capabilities, robust workflow
functionality, and versatility would allow them to continuously expand their
service desk into various departments within the company. As a result, ADP
Canada’s internal IT support group plans to deploy FootPrints in the future to
centralize the company’s IT help desk. Additionally, the company’s internal
development group is considering the software to track and manage processes
related to new employees.
“Like many other organizations that are deploying business-critical
service desk powered by FootPrints, ADP Canada now has the capability to grow
its large-scale support environment and provide agents with the necessary
tools to ensure that customer requests are quickly addressed and resolved,”
said Mark Krieger, President of UniPress Software. “By design, FootPrints is
flexible and versatile, and can be used to automate all types of strategic,
business-driven applications, such as ADP Canada’s growing case management
operation that is supported by nearly a thousand agents.”