a leader in document viewing technology, today released new text extraction software for extracting text at high speed from more than 150 file formats. Adeptol Text Extraction software is a quick java based software that can be deployed on Windows or Linux and can be used to extract text from more than 150 file formats include Microsoft Office documents like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, Office 2007 documents, Open Office documents, PDF etc and output to a text file or text stream which can be saved into a database or passed on to other application.

Adeptol text extraction software is designed to empower developers and organizations to extract text at much faster rates (upto the speeds of 15,000+ words per second) and then use the extracted text within their applications or for search indexing purposes. Adeptol Text Extraction software enables you to extract text and create a text data stream that can be processed by content aggregation tools and used for storing, publishing, archiving or searching. The output can be in form of a data stream or a text file and automated for directly importing the information into a database or repository of file system

"We are very excited to launch the new text extraction product. It empowers developers to build text extraction capabilities directly into an application and can be integrated easily." said Prateek Kathpal, CEO & Founder, Adeptol. "Adeptol text extraction software is not a virtual printer based conversion server, which means no installation of a virtual printer on the server. A virtual printer based converter needs to spool the documents and queue all the documents for conversion resulting in a single document conversion at a time. Adeptol text extraction software is based on Multiple Tenancy Concept resulting in faster conversion rates and performance as multiple users or applications can access the server at the same time and get various documents converted simultaneously." further added Prateek.

Some features of the text extraction software include:

  • Text extraction at super fast speeds. Benchmarks of 15,000+ words per second text extraction from PDF files and 12,000+ text extraction speeds from MS Office documents.
  • No need to install any additional software on servers
  • Server side text extraction. Output as a text file and save on file system or get text stream to be used by any other application
  • Install on Windows or Linux OS
  • Not a Virtual Printer Based Converter and comes with built in multithreading to give faster conversion rates
  • The new texte extraction software is available for purchase immediately and can be downloaded for a free 30 day trial.