Absolute Software Corporation (“Absolute”)
the leading provider of firmware-based, patented Computer Theft
Recovery, Data Protection and Secure Asset Tracking solutions, announced
that Gateway Inc., the third largest PC company (“PC OEM”) in the U.S., has
become the first top-tier OEM to embed Computrace ) in the BIOS, or firmware,
of its desktop computers for consumers.

Absolute already enjoys a unique position with top-tier OEMs such as
Gateway, Dell, Lenovo, HP and Fujitsu with embedded support for Computrace in
their laptop computers, but has now responded to customer requests for
embedded protection on desktop computers. Gateway customers can configure the
Gateway E-4610 professional desktop, which brings enhanced performance,
manageability and security to Gateway’s education, government and business
customers with GatewayShield for an added layer of protection. GatewayShield
is a comprehensive security solution that includes Internet, data and hardware
protection through Symantec Client Security software, BIOS-embedded Computrace
and Kensington cables and locks. GatewayShield can be purchased as a complete
package or in separate modules.

“Computrace is an obvious choice to protect mobile computers such as
laptops, but desktop computers are also extremely vulnerable to theft and
loss, especially the new, smaller form factors,” said John Livingston,
chairman and CEO of Absolute Software. “Over 25 million desktop computers
shipped last year in the U.S., and the value of personal and business data
stored on these small, powerful machines is incalculable. Absolute is proud to
work with Gateway, a security leader and innovator and we are also committed
to expanding BIOS protection across all OEMs.”

Absolute’s Computrace solutions help customers address issues of
regulatory compliance, data protection and theft recovery. Absolute’s
Computrace technology reports traditional Information Technology Asset
Management (ITAM) data such as hardware title inventories and software license
compliance, as well as user and location information. This enables IT
professionals to track their computer population on a daily basis with up to
100 percent accuracy, from a single point of control. In the event that a
computer is stolen, Absolute can recover it and/or remotely delete sensitive
data from its hard drive. If a computer is not recovered within 60 days, the
customer may be eligible for a Recovery Guarantee payment of up to $1,000.