Absolute Software Corporation the industry standard for persistent endpoint security and management solutions for computers, laptops and ultra-portable devices today announced the Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services team worked with local Ugandan law enforcement to break up a major computer theft operation.

A leading independent oil and gas exploration and production company protected many of their mobile devices with Absolute Computrace. Computrace persistently tracks and secures IT assets and the corporate data they contain within a cloud-based interface, allowing customers to enforce compliance policies, data security, identify devices that might be at risk, and take preemptive and reactive measures if a security incident occurs.  Patented Absolute persistence technology provides customers with a trusted connection to all of the devices in their deployment. If efforts are made to remove it, the technology simply rebuilds itself so customers can continue to track, manage, and secure their assets.  In the event a device is stolen, the Absolute Investigations team works with local law enforcement to recover it.

After concern was raised about the status of some of the computers in their deployment, the IT team at the company identified numerous computers that were missing. After filing a police report and reporting the loss to Absolute, the Absolute Investigations team conducted a detailed forensic analysis of the environment. It was identified that a former employee was the likely suspect, which was subsequently confirmed by the customer. After further investigation of the suspect, more than 300 computers were recovered. 25 computers in total (15 desktops, 10 laptops) were the property of the oil and gas company. As serial numbers are verified, the total number of computers that are property of the oil and gas company is expected to increase.

"This recovery would not have been possible without Absolute persistence technology and the Absolute Investigations and Recovery Services team," said John Livingston, CEO at Absolute Software. "We offer the only comprehensive and persistent enterprise solution for device security backed by a recovery services team. To date we have recovered more than 29,000 mobile devices in 99 countries."