Absolute Software Corporation (“Absolute” or the “Company”), the leading provider of firmware-embedded endpoint security and management solutions, today announced it has completed a Computrace software license sale covering more than 60,000 student laptops with the Queensland Government’s Department of Education and Training (DET) in Australia.

This transaction expands Absolute’s existing relationship with Queensland DET and will be completed in calendar Q4. Under terms of the agreement, Absolute will sell its Computrace Data Protection product, with the sale amortized to revenue over a period of three to four years. Armed with Computrace, the Queensland DET has embraced best practices for data and device protection, and has taken steps to respond to and remediate loss and theft of their valuable student computing assets.

“By having access to laptops, our students are better equipped to access important online resources, resulting in improved collaboration and greater opportunity for personalised learning,” stated DET’s Information and Technologies Assistant Director-General David O’Hagan. “Absolute’s Computrace technology provides schools and students with the security of knowing their machine can be tracked and traced should it ever be lost or stolen.”

“We are pleased to strengthen our existing relationship with the Queensland DET by providing them with solutions to securely manage their laptops,” said John Livingston, CEO of Absolute Software. “We believe our products are a must-have for any organization to maximize the value from their computing assets and to effectively and efficiently embrace mobility. Our expanded partnership with the Queensland DET validates our investment in the Asia-Pacific region and is a good indicator of the international market opportunity for Absolute Software.”

How Computrace Technology Works

Computrace is powered by Absolute Software patented Computrace persistent technology. When embedded in the firmware of computers from leading computer manufacturers, Computrace can survive operating system re-installations, as well as hard-drive reformats, replacements and re-imaging, helping to ensure that the service is there when you need it most.* Whether in a PC or Mac, the software is virtually undetectable and calls home to the Absolute Monitoring Center with IT asset management information, including location. If a computer is reported stolen, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team works on behalf of the customer to gather evidence from the computer to identify the thief’s location, and then works with local police to get the computer back. Customers can also remotely delete data to help keep it out of the hands of unauthorized users – a reliable contingency in case data protection solutions fail. Computrace can be easily activated by customers when they install a license ranging from 1-4 years.