Absolute Software Corporation
announced today that it has received approval
for the listing of its common shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Trading is
to commence under the symbol ‘ABT’ on December 2, 2005.

“The TSX Venture Exchange has been an excellent launch pad for Absolute
and our move up to the senior exchange is a natural evolution for the Company
as we continue to make important strides toward becoming the standard for
computer theft recovery and secure asset tracking,” said John Livingston,
Chairman and CEO of Absolute. “As we move into the next phase of our growth,
we anticipate that the TSX listing will help us to raise our profile, achieve
greater liquidity in our stock and expose the company to a wider base of
potential investors.”

Absolute is currently listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (‘ABT’) and will
be de-listed concurrently with the listing on the TSX on December 2, 2005.