Absolute Software the industry standard for persistent endpoint security and management solutions for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, today announced the launch of a new employee self-service portal with the release of Absolute Manage 6.7.1.

The new portal provides employees with a level of control over the devices they use at work. They can use the web-based portal to view device information and perform remote actions on any of their devices that are under management including laptops, tablets, and smartphones – even if they are personally owned.

The first phase of the portal includes functionality such as resetting a device passcode, displaying a message on a missing device, locking it, and if a device has been stolen or can't be retrieved, users can wipe the device to erase all the data it contains.

"The Absolute Manage self-service portal reduces the burden on IT, freeing them from simple tasks that can be easily resolved by the end user," said Peter Frankl, VP & GM, Client Management Solutions, at Absolute Software. "By helping employees to help themselves IT can free up valuable time and redirect resources to deal with higher value IT projects."

Absolute Manage 6.7.1 also includes a new 'Attention Mode' feature, which allows IT to remotely freeze a device while simultaneously displaying a custom message. Combining this feature with Absolute Manage smart policies will allow customers to take remote security or management actions, ensuring that users comply with device usage policies.