Absolute Softwar , the leading provider of Computer Theft Recovery, Data
Protection and Secure Asset Tracking solutions, has launched Computrace
Data Protection, a new service that gives customers the power to delete
sensitive data from computers where data privacy may have been compromised.
With this service, customers are able to remotely instruct Computrace to
safely and discreetly remove selected data and files from lost or stolen
computers, and at the end of the computer lifecycle

When a Computrace Data Protection-equipped computer is lost or stolen,
users contact Absolute Software’s Monitoring Center to report the incident and
remotely initiate data protection processes to delete individual files,
directories or if necessary all data and even the O/S. Computrace Data
Protection protects sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. The
Computrace agent conducts the deletion processes silently to prevent
detection, and can survive accidental or deliberate attempts to remove or
disable the software. When the data deletion is completed, an audit log
detailing the process is recorded in the customer’s account to aid in policy
and regulatory compliance.

“Today’s computing assets contain more sensitive and valuable information
than ever before, making each computer a potential liability without the
proper protection,” said John Livingston, chairman and CEO of Absolute
Software. “In addition, privacy protection legislation such as Gramm-Leach-
Bliley, HIPAA and California Senate Bill 1386 is another force that is driving
demand for this type of service. As such, organizations of all types must
strive to protect their data in order to mitigate their liability in
situations where computers containing critical information may be compromised.
Computrace Data Protection is one of the most secure and innovative
applications available to help them achieve their security objectives.”

Computrace Data Protection is priced based on volume and service term and
a 3-year subscription retails at $79.95 USD. It is currently available through
Gateway and HP, directly from Absolute and will soon be available through
other channels.