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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Good News for our Channel Community

After 18 years, e-ChannelNews continues to be a leading news source for the IT channel. We deliver important industry insider’s information and trends that help the channel to build business and overcome challenges. Our subscribers receive 3 e-mail news updates every week.

Each year, we deliver about 2,500 news articles so you are sure to find some news that you can really use!

Today, we are 100% about helping the next generation of channel partners to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business. We have a specific mission in helping the channel build more predictable and sustainable recurring revenue through implementing best business practices and the right technology stack. See www.channelpartneralliance.com for details on how we are doing this beyond delivering the news.

ECN is also the delivery vehicle for channel-only vendor information, events and promotions. We are constantly publishing exclusive podcast and video interviews with many top channel leaders and new vendors.

Please bookmark our web site and remember to “whitelist” “technoplanet” and “e-Channelnews” to ensure you receive the content to your email inbox. Please read, like, share, comment and subscribe whenever you see our news published on social networks like LinkedIn.

Our mobile-friendly web site is available to help you access all the information without signing in. You will also notice that we allow very few advertisers to not obstruct your viewing experience. We welcome your feedback to improve.

Our database continues to grow with over 75,000 qualified and verified channel partners. About 25,000 in Canada, 35,000 in USA, 5,000 in the UK and 10,000 from other countries.

Our LinkedIn followers are over 10,000. We recently added a Facebook page and we dabble in many other social networking platforms, like Twitter. Since we do not target end-users, we only leverage the appropriate social networks.

We do not have a YouTube channel, but we are exploring how this may benefit our community.

We encourage all vendors to share their news interviews with their teams and channel networks. We also encourage all channel partners to explore the solutions from these vendors and extract whatever content they need to help them in their communications to their target audiences, for free. Just mention source eChannelNEWS in the story. Thousands have already used content that they found on our news portal to help them and we encourage it.

We also have hundreds of tech journalists who check out our news feed to find other stories for their publications. We embrace this practice because the louder that we can amplify the message, the better it is for the entire industry.

We do video, audio-only podcasts and written articles so our community can consume the content in any way they choose. We use Vimeo platform for video and audio content. We will soon be expanding our live streaming content.

Channel News media outlets like e-ChannelNEWS have become much more important in 2020 as everyone flipped into a digital-first World. With our subscribers’ database that we have been building over 18 years, we are well poised to help vendors communicate with the channel.

Check out this chart from Forrester on the various news media players and we thank them for including our brands ECN, TechnoPlanet, ChannelNEXT. We also have speciality content channels like www.varcoach.com and www.mspcoach.com to deliver educational content to partners.

We know quite a bit about our subscribers because they choose to tell us. They do this to help us to customize the content that they want to receive. For example, we have “The Daily Breach” and “Women In Tech” news columns where subscribers can choose to tag to receive that target content. We do surveys literally every month as well as the larger annual survey for the Reseller Choice Awards. We can reach channel partners by area code.

E-ChannelNews is a TechnoPlanet publication, serving the IT Channel and community for nearly 3 decades! See www.technoplanet.com

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